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The Capt.

Hi my name is Capt. Dean (GATOR) Puller. I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. As a young boy I fished every mud puddle, pond and giant lake I could find seeking the biggest bass. I lived in an area with great fishing and that’s all I wanted to do. After 10 years in the golf business I had to succumb to my true passion. In 1992 I started Gators Big Bass Guide Service as a trophy bass guide. I spent years fishing days on end learning the best places to fish and how to catch the really big fish. I spent most of my time on West Lake Toho on the Kissimmee chain of lakes. This lake just south of Orlando was world class for trophy big bass. It became an obsession. I tried ways of fishing that were "out of the box". Some worked, some didn’t, but I kept learning. The Orlando and Kissimmee area is a bass fishing guides dream. 

 I found ways to catch fish that astounded other guides and they wanted to know how I was catching so many fish. This gave me a major advantage over other guides that they would try to copy but could only produce marginal results. I then looked at every guide in the area to see what else I could do differently. I GUARANTEED the clients caught multiple fish. This guarantee was the first and I didn’t say you have to fish my way, a certain amount of hours or anything ridicules like that. I just stated if you don’t catch multiple fish you don’t pay, period! My goal was for the clients to have one of life’s most memorable experiences. A memory you can look back on and smile. I will always try and get you on my schedule but I am just one man. If I am booked the day you need to go I will recommend a full time guide I have known for years that will take care of you the way I would. I am the only Orlando bass fishing guide that runs a custom bass boat.


Thanks Capt. Dean (GATOR) Puller

Orlando bass fishing guide. Capt. Dean Puller
Orlando bass fishing guide. Capt. Dean Puller
Orlando bass fishing guide. Capt. Dean Puller
Gators big bass guide service. Capt. Dean Puller
Kissimmee bass fishing guide. Capt. Dean Puller
Kissimmee bass fishing guide. Capt. Dean Puller

"I came to Orlando on vacation. All I can say is send the kids to Disney and get on the boat with Gator. The fishing was out of this world. We caught more fish in 8 hours than I have caught in the last couple of years".

Bob L., Detroit MI. 

"I was in town for a business meeting and thought I would try some fishing. I contacted Gators and set up a day to fish. The whole experience was so smooth. I met Dean at the lake and in 15 min. we were catching fish. I ended up catching a personal best bass weighting 12 lbs. I would highly recommend Gators big bass guide service!"

Chris J.,Austin TX.  

"I just wanted to say thanks for taking me fishing. I could have never imagined we would catch over 100 fish when the weather was so nasty. You said it might be a really good day and boy were you right. Thanks again for a life long memory."

Brad A., Syracuse N.Y.

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